Portfolio of Marijn Hurkens

Web developer - Camera operator


A period piece with a twist

  • Year: 2015
  • Location: Breda
  • My Job: DoP, Gaffer and Sound Designer

For the 48 Hour Film Project Rotterdam 2015 I participated with the MOOW Films crew, along with 49 other teams, to create a short film in 48 hours. For this edition we got the genre Period Piece, the required sentence was "Life will never be the same.", the character was a courier named Job or Josje Smit and the object was a brush.

Together with Pascal Adriaansen, who was my camera operator, I took the role of DoP, gaffer and sound designer upon me. It was my first time doing sound design and I think the result is pretty okay.


Weekend Warriors

A buddy film for 48hfp Nijmegen

  • Year: 2015
  • Location: Nijmegen - De Refter
  • My Job: Gaffer / Camera Assistant

Weekend Warriors is a movie about a group of friends who attend a Live Action Role-playing (LARP) event. When they are confronted with a message from the LARP-game leader that there is a dragon to be found in the area the border between reality and fantasy slowly disappears. 

Weekend Warriors is the first production of CineRAW and was made during the 48 Hour Film Project Nijmegen 2015. We got buddy film as a genre.

Other required elements were:

  • Character: Mark of Marga de Hond - Veterinarian
  • Line fo dialogue: "De zomer komt eraan" - "Summer is coming"
  • Prop: Bike part

During the weekend a behind-the-scenes clip was made, you can watch it here:

Website for XXL Artists

  • Year: 2014
  • Client: XXL Artists
  • Link: http://xxl-artists.nl
  • Build on top of PyroCMS using Foundation with SASS

For the people of XXL Artists and XXL Events I created their company websites. XXL Events is their main website promoting their events and targetting their audiences. XXL Artists is the website for their booking operation and is targeted at customers who want to book one of their DJ's. While the website XXL Events has a more traditional layout the website of XXL Artists give a quick and modern one-page overview of what they have to offer.

Both websites are built for PyroCMS and with the use of the Foundation framework with SASS. 

The rehabilitation of Jules Mendez

A 48-hour Amsterdam project

  • Year: 2014
  • Location: Amsterdam
  • My job: Camera Assistant

A project for the 48 Hour Film Festival Amsterdam where I helped as a Camera Assistant. The predefined rules included a red dress, Jules Mendez and a dancing teacher. We were nominated for Best use of Character and Best Male Actor.


Website Wolfslaarakoestisch.nl

Parallax Scrolling

Commissioned by the small local festival Wolfslaar Akoestisch I created a website for them based on their poster design. I separated the different layers of the poster and used thsi to create a parallax scrolling effect.

Website Club-tropicana.nl

Colourful and clean

This website was an assignment for a local one-day festival in Breda. I made the design from a logo I got and I tried to give it the same look and feel.

Le Coq Chaud

a 48 hour film project short

  • My job: Camera Operator
  • Location: Breda
  • Year: 2014

Le Coq Chaud is a 48 hour film project for the 2014 Breda edition of the festival. We participated with the MOOW Films crew including a lot of people helping us just for this project. The script was developed and shot within a 48 hour time frame. Unfortunately we were unable to create a final polished video so we created a better version which I have put here.

The genre we got assigned was comedy. The mandatory prop was a flag, the line-of-dialogue was "finally a real one" and the mandatory characted was Clemens / Clara Koetsdorp, a taxi driver.

3FM Ekstra Weekend

Capturing radio on video

  • My job: Camera Operator
  • Year: 2012 - 2013

I have worked regularly as a Camera Operator in a radio show called Ekstra Weekend from the beginning of 2012 until the show was canceled in the end of 2013. The show was aired on the public radio broadcaster 3FM. They had webcams mounted in the studio to provide for a constant webstream, but because of the popularity of the show they wanted a small camera team to increase he quality. The stream was aired on 101TV and on the 3FM website.


a 48 hour film project short

  • My job: Camera Operator
  • Location: Utrecht
  • Year: 2013
  • Length: 6:22

Pornootje is a 48 hour film project made for the Utrecht 2012 edition of the festival. I was part of the team called Don't let it spoil your evening. The short was awarded with the prize for best use of genre.

During a 48 hour film project each team draws a genre and a specific prop, line-of-dialogue and character are mandatory for all teams. During the 2012 Utrecht edition of the 48HFP our assigned genre was Film de Femme. The prop was a briefcase and the required line-of-dialogue was "who is carrying the tickets?" The required characted was Herman / Herma de Wit, who plays a film critic.

Air on a String

A short made for the NHTV

  • My job: Director of Photography
  • Location: Amsterdam
  • Year: 2013
  • Length: 9:42

Air on a String is about a boy who is standing at the subway station the Isolatorweg. He is selling balloons. With profit of selling these balloons he wants to buy a humming top for his grandma. Everything seems to be okay, however something isn't right.

Flowfabriek Promo

uncoordinated multicam

  • My job: Camera Operator
  • Location: Paaspop, Schijndel
  • Year: 2012

Together with 2 friends of mine we got an assignment from a band called the Flowfabriek to film their gig at the Paaspop festival 2012. We wanted to try a multicamera setup, which was difficult since we had no way of communication. In the end I think the result was quite nice and the band was very pleased with the video.

The Entertainment Experience

crowdsourced film

  • My job: Director of Photography
  • Year: 2011

The Entertainment Experience was a project of director Paul Verhoeven where he attempted to create a crowd-sourced movie. The project was devided in several different parts where the crowd could send in ideas for the script and film their own interpretations of the available script pieces.

Although the idea of the project was nice I think there was a lack of direction to the story. I think that crowd sources films are very hard, if not impossible, to create. Off course crowd funding is a great tool to gather your budget, but the production process has to be done by a small group with a clear hierarchy.